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Ad Affiiation FAQ

Q. What is Ad Affiliation Job?

As the name indicates, Ad-Affiliation Job is very simple where two or more advertiser do their ad by network. 

Q. From where will I get the Banner Ad  and Ad Links to place on my  website?

After take registration from us, we will provide you the all working material to your Email address within 24 hours.

Q. How will the revenues generated through my website ? Will I have to do some job work to get revenue.

Revenues are generated through the advertisement income.It's totally freedom plan based on net traffic.So you
do not need to do any job work to get revenue.

Q. In a single Website, How many Banner Ads will you Place?

In a single website, we place maximum four banner ad. per page.

Q. Do you offer any type of support or assistance?

Yes! we offer 100% client support. You can email us anytime, ask questions, and get advice. In order for us to succeed,
our client must succeed.

Q. Will the company make a webite for me?

Yes, We will make website for you according to your needs. 

Q. When can I get my payments?

Every month you will be paid on 10th of each month.

Q. Okay all my points are clear, How to join this profitable business ?

To join ad-affiliation job,Innitially you have to pay minimum one advertisement package of  12,000 Rs. to promott 
your website.